Ah Silent Wounded Sufferer


Silent Wounded Sufferer

Breathe – slowly – in-then-out – deep cleansing breaths

Ah Sweet Nectar


How? How have I …

Is it the endless excavating

Is it the see-through smoke of a trillion stacks and pipes

Is it the warm air that keeps me comfy on this cool spring morning


Ah Keeper of the Vineyard


How? How have I …

Is it the use of the names for colors to define-divide-destroy

Is it the endless bombing of distant faceless lands that are not our home

Is it my careless us of words that pierce another’s side


Ah Beloved Gazelle


How? How have I …

Is it the preoccupation of numbers and letters; DJIA NASDAQ STOXX 600

It is the lust for speed all shiny red with leather seats

Is it that I’m afraid to bring you home to my mother, my friends, myself


Ah Lily Gatherer


How? How have I …

Is it that our eyes are closed to the way You surround the homeless ones with love

Is it that our ears are shut when you call the names of those bullied beaten and forgotten

Is it that I am numb


Ah Heart Seal


How? How have I …

Ah Heart Seal


Ah Heart Seal

Your love flows out watering my parched garden


Yet I …

Oh breath – please breath – my Beloved

I cannot live without you.



Words: Ninabeth Metcalf on Good Friday 2017

Photo Credit:  Lamentation by Matthais Grunewald, 1525


About ndmetcalf

Ninabeth is an artist, writer, consultant, and local pastor in the United Methodist Church. She earned a BFA at RISD and a MDiv at Drew Theological School. Her art bears witness to environmental injustice and seeks to express lament and hope. " I am striving for a new way of seeing, listening and speaking about God in order to bring about healing and wholeness. I am daughter, sister, partner, and mother. I am lament , witness and praise . I am servant, shepherd, writer, preacher and artist. I am permeable, trusting, stubborn and kind. I am Martha, Mary and Lydia . I am mystic and pragmatic. I am a believer that “words make worlds” and little seeds of kindness grow and grow. I am community; family, friends, KUMC, Ridge & Valley, and the more than human. Above all, I am a child of God sometimes broken but always blessed."
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